Connecting Spain with the rest of the world

About us

LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP is a young and dynamic firm dedicated to providing collaboration services between Spanish and foreign companies. Our core activities take place in the international Trading, Real Estate, luxury cars services and business and investments advisory.

We have a network of expert collaborators that facilitate our presence in the different sectors we operate, in order to effectively manage the needs of our esteemed clients through trust, pro-activeness and timely services.

We establish strategic alliances that help our clients achieve success and the best results in their sectors. We specialize in emerging markets, where we operate in countries such as Qatar, UAE, Mexico, Peru, Ghana or China.



The goal of LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP is to create strategic alliances that help Spanish companies in the opening and consolidating their presence in emerging markets, and to facilitate foreign companies, direct investments into the Spanish economy: Hospitality and Manufactory sector.



LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP aims to establish a permanent channel between Spain and emerging markets that allows our clients to gain competitive advantage in their areas of interest, through the commitment to the highest standard of quality services and teamwork.



Essential pillars that we adhere to at LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP are:
Commitment. Ethics. Efficiency. Excellence. Honesty. Integrity. Respect. Responsability. Solidarity. Teamwork


LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP facilitates the process of buying and selling products, purchases of services or selection of Spanish suppliers for businesses and organizations in the emerging markets.

In addition to creating and fostering business relationships, our mission is to advise, assist and coordinate all stakeholders during the different phases of the internationalization process.

Real Estate

LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP offers a personalised real estate services with network of properties across the hotspot regions of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. Our network experience spans over 15 years and cliental are mostly repeat customers that keep coming back for the quality properties, professional services and attention to our detail. 


Luxury cars

LOTIS SUPERCARS offers an integrated six stars services in the luxury car sector. From our base in Marbella, we offer our esteemed clients a large selection of luxury cars both to rent and to buy (Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, etc) with a superior and customised service.


LOTIS SPAIN TRADING GROUP offers dedicated Client advisory services in business process modelling and implementation, risk management solutions and organisation structuring to create value and maximum the productivity of their resources especially when doing business in emerging markets.


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